Audit documentation

                                    Clever Document Flow (CDF) - "intelligent documentation management"

"VAU-PRINT" company offers a complex product - CleverDocumentFlow (CDF).


CDFis a complex of measures, aiming to optimize workflow processes within the company. They combine:


  • Analysis of the current state (stock of printing equipment, equipment usage schemes, types of work, detection of users' needs and wishes concerning optimization, collection of information relating to the operating expenses and maintenance of printing processes)
  • Detailed calculation of existing costs
  • Preparation of several options to optimize the schemes of equipment placement, a detailed description of business processes and reasoning of economic efficiency of the project
  • Implementation of the project (all stages are made by our specialists with
  • followed free of charge staff training)
  • Continuous monitoring of all workflow processes. Regular reporting.
  • Possibility of operative analysis and improvement of the system
  • Full service support, which ensures uninterrupted complex operation of allhardware and software.







IT services

IT services - Information technologies refer to one of the most dynamic industries in the world. This term includes a wide range of concepts and services. Information services actually involve any service relating to computer technology. Our company provides a wide range of services for the construction, planning and support of various information systems.